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Allen would love more logs;
want to make him happy oblige? ♥

Care for a game?Collapse )


A piano..?

..I wonder if I could play.

Jun. 11th, 2008


Maybe I'll have more company today?

After all, someone'd told me there was something called 'Library Time' today..?

Surprise, surprise...

I found someone I'd thought I'd lost, today.

...I'd thought he was gone for sure. I'm not certain if I'm happy or furious.

Fate has the best fucking timing to screw with me.

I-I think I'm going to go take that walk, now.


Ah; today, apparently, some people get to go outside and play for a while.

I was tempted to go, myself--it's not too bad outside, now that I've gotten used to the weather, and the snow looked really pretty even if I couldn't really see it since the windows in the Library were fogged over. But..

Well, I suppose I felt bad for not getting as much work done as I could have. I've spent the past few days slacking off working slowly, so I've only done about a third of the work I'm capable of doing.. But on the upside, I've gotten rid of most of the heavy workloads, so it should be easier to get everything in order now.

Maybe if I finish most of the rest today, I can go out walking for a bit tomorrow. It's been a while since I've gone outside.

Maybe meets some new people, too.