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Au clair de la lune

the white clown that chases after Auginiste

Allen Walker


:: クラウン·クラウン :: 退魔の剣 ::

Au clair de la lune,
Mon ami Pierrot,
Prête-moi ta plume
Pour écrire un mot.
Ma chandelle est morte,
Je n'ai plus de feu.
Ouvre-moi ta porte
Pour l'amour de Dieu!

--» Allen Walker

--» XV

--»One of the traits that make Allen stand out in a crowd is his hair; shock has turned the once red-brown into a snowy white that contrasts nicely with his faintly tanned peach-colored skin and may seem to be tinted a pale silver-teal at the edges, depending on the position of the light source at wherever he may be. The fine strands are cut with the longest strands being around an inch within his shoulder in a jaggedly layered style, sometimes grown a bit long enough to tie into a short ponytail-esque method at the base of his neck, sometimes a bit too short for such and spiked lightly however it would be, but mostly kept without any special effort put into it and hanging down in a messy way that seems to have its own method of order.

Another odd attribute to his person are his eyes; only one of them retains its original color, a soft gray-blue with a silvery tint to it--the other has lost the pigments due to the Incident and has turned into a black-laced wine red, the dark rings on the edges making it seem more ominous than anything. But most people don't ever find that out. To avoid unnecessary questions and prying into his past and personal life, Allen constantly wears colored contacts and replies with an, 'I like to be creative,' when someone inquires as to why his left eye is constantly changing colors [he has both green and brown contacts and occasionally gets them mixed up], or blatantly lies by saying that 'it's normal for it to do that, and I'm very sorry but that topic makes me uncomfortable--reminds me of my dead mother.' Any questions about the jagged scar dragging down from his forehead and over his eyelid down to his jaw line is met with a frosty silence, and the white-haired boy will usually instantly clam up if it comes from someone he is unfamiliar with.

Allen has a light athlete's build that makes him seem more delicate than he actually is; coupled with his not-so-impressive height of 5' 8" [+ 127 lb] and elegant definition as well as lanky, slender limbs, this gives him the overall [misleading] impression of being harmless. Yet, even through the subtle feminine traces that demarcate his appearance, there remains unmistakable aura of boyish charm around his person that is hard to overlook; thankfully, this dissuades any questions as to his gender from coming up, which would most likely result in a highly discomfited situation for Allen himself.

The scars from his surgery were something that he didn't want to be very visibly noticeable, both for himself and for anyone that might catch him unaware; the tattoo he's placed over it starts from the sharp-tipped pattern from his collarbone to his shoulders and flow down his upper arm like a red and black vine, where it turns into a glove-like design from approximately around his elbow and fade into a swirling mark with dark tendrils reaching down to his knuckles, blending neatly into the scarred scarlet flesh already there. The place where the scars were are still there, however, but the only way to pinpoint their location is by feeling for the slight, raised bumps on his skin.

Conversely, the shard of twisted silver imbedded in his hand was left as it was, the cross-shaped piece too deep into his skin to be able to remove without potentially causing massive damage to the limb; as it didn't seem to have any negative effect on Allen's body, it was eventually decided that it would remain as is to keep from risking anything.

Physical appearance aside, his outfits can range from anything to oversized sweaters and slacks to vests and dress pants to jeans and a t-shirt. However, his left arm is kept covered at any given moment when he's in public from his shoulder down to his fingertips, a long sleeve covering most of his skin and a glove keeping his hand from view. He has at least one piercing on each ear: one on his left ear for a rectangle-shaped shard that hangs down from the link connecting it to the earring that fits snugly against his skin, and the two on his right--one cartilage piercing and one earlobe piercing--allows for a cuff around the upper part of his ear, two thin chains linking it to the silver cross dangling from a small diamond stud. Both wrists are constantly decorated with silver braces and it is known that at least his visible hand has two crown-shaped rings decorating his slender fingers at all times, laying the foundations for speculation as to whether he ever takes them off at all. Certainly, as skinny as his wrists are, the metallic object seems unlikely to come off very easily, and considering how it appears to be seamless..

--» In general, Allen is a kind person and very cordial, charismatic, even, even if he hasn't quite gotten over his phobia of humans from before. At any rate, he tries his best to be social and unbiased and can get along with most anyone given the right opportunity, and his nature is usually tempered. There are times when he might have a relapse and revert back to his previous state, but those times are rare and far and few in between.

Having traveled for quite a bit through various areas and regions, he's seen both the Good and Bad in the world; unlike those who come out jaded from their experience, he's managed to escape particularly unscathed in the way of not being bitter or dissatisfied and disenchanted by the workings of things. He's not naive; rather, he's compliant about the way things are even if he doesn't fully understand them at times, and tries to look towards the brighter side of things with success more often than not.

Then there is the matter of 'Black' and 'White'.

His Black and White sides are not as much different sides as they are fitted over Allen's already existing views and personalities; he still retains his ideals and emotions--they are just adjusted and/or magnified [or in some cases, lessened] as befitting to the currently dominant entity.

Allen's White side is an exception to most of his customary beliefs; it magnifies the faint, hidden cynicism and disdain in his mind for the world and views it and most everyone in it with contempt or mild disinterest, though it hides it well behind a façade of faux conviviality for the most part. This side is most likely to be able to inflict the most amount of damage when engaged in a fight, as it is not above utilizing all the tricks Allen's learned on his travels.

His Black side, however, though it magnifies the bit of jadedness he possesses [while not as big a degree as his White side], is more placid than its counterpart and is more inclined to be playful as it enjoys toying with things, as well as puzzles and tricks. Although, if pressed, this side can show itself to be as dangerous as Allen's White side, if not further because of its more unpredictable, volatile nature.


  • ambidextrous, but favors his right hand
  • b-day --> Christmas
  • has a secret fondness for sweets, books, and animals [especially birdthings]
  • looks up to his Shishou, even if he vehemently denies it ♥
  • has a habit of twisting the rings around his fingers or playing with his earring when bored/nervous
  • dislikes mirrors and bitter things
  • White --» Crown
  • Clown «-- Black

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